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Parks and Recreation

Welcome……to the Simpsonville Department of Parks & Recreation!

Simpsonville Parks and Recreation has a variety of activities and events. Please browse our page(s) to see if there is something that interests you.

You can find sports schedules, special events information, along with general information on all available opportunities.
If you do not find what you want, please contact the Park office either by phone at 502-722-8793 or email us at: chris@cityofsimpsonvilleky.com

Check our website often for dates, times and schedules of current and upcoming events and happenings.

Parks and Recreation Director
Parks and Recreation Board Chairman

Click the Following Links to Review Parks and Recreation Calendars, Guidelines and other Information:

Youth Hoops

Youth Hoops

Pre-K-Kindergarten Hoops
All practices/ games are at Simpsonville Gym
Practice Mondays 6pm-6:45pm
Tucker Keene
Keaton craddock
Cullen Shaft
Charlie Gaither
Carver Komlos
Josiah Midkiff
Coltan Sheppard
Nash Daily
Practice Mondays 6pm-6:45pm
Gavin Woods
Aiden Titus
Curtis Chesser
Kameron Kirtley
Jayden Ellis
Willow Winfrey
Walker Winfrey
Noah Jones
Outten 3
Practice Tuesdays 6pm-6:45pm
Liam Lee
Jordan chance
Elijah Ford
Brayden Hall
Joshua Cochran
Reece Delaney
Levi Wyatt
Breanne Lowry
Outten 1
Practice Tuesdays 6pm-6:45pm
Brayden Simms
Gunnar Rhodes
Shane Gibbs
Jackson Mcintyre
Gabriel Perkins
Faith Nelson
Brody Branham
Lincoln McCombs
Jalen Outten
Outten 2
Practice Tuesdays 6pm-6:45pm
Michael Douglas
Jackson Fitzgerald
Mason Plottner
Jackson Slone
Jaxson McIlquham
LJ Rodriguez
Jaxon Tharp
Samuel Miller
Blythe Thompson

1st/ 2nd grade Hoops
All practices/ games are at Simpsonville Gym
Note: No practice Thursday 11/27/14
Practice Mondays 6:45pm-7:45pm
Tommy Rempe
Walker Webb
Caden Gaither
Phoenix Cochran
Isiah Cochran
George Stephens
Max Wise
Joseph Vander Woode
Joshua Vander Woode
Practice Wednesday 6-7pm
Gage Miller
Jude Miller
Tyler Haney
Aiden Perkins
Bryant Scrogham
Eli Ware
Nate Call
Asher Thornburgh
Chase Delaney
Practice Thursdays 7-8pm
Lily Price
Brad Flowers
Brady Morris
Nicklas Welch
Marcus Stoner
Vinny Vitale
Grace Nelson
Cynthia Ruiz
Elijah Benders
Carter McCombs
Practice Wednesdays 6-7pm
Jalyn Martin
Jayden Martin
Bailey Ethington
Craft Johnson
Grant roadcap
Caroline McHugh
Sean Evans
Peyton Heinsohn
Evan Tenney
Aubrie Davis

3rd/ 4th grade Hoops
All practices/ games are at Simpsonville Gym
Practice Tuesdays 6:45pm-7:45pm
Ty Ruttinger
Daniel Bianco
John Nickell
Aiden Schulz
Andrew Sells
Ben Hughes
Luke Whittet
Brendan Vander Woode
Tyler Case
Practice Wednesdays 7pm-8pm
Braden Roberts
Morgan Powers
Korbin Mills
Camryn Cleveland
Trent Rose
Blake Morrison
Ryan Tadatada
Bryce Applegate
Andrew Mazarakis
Practice Tuesdays 6:45pm-7:45pm
Kevin Billings
Jackson Ware
James Sollinger
Gage Irish
AJ Vandevelde
Jamie Brake
Gavin Ball
Cooper Taylor
Berkley Taylor
CJ Mathis
Practice Wednesdays 7pm-8pm
Nathan Ernst
Ryan Lowe
Nevach Acklin
Montoya Moorman
Kaleb Rice
Camille Mitchell
Cameron Mitchell
Andrew Hamade
Dakota Hatter

5th-7th grade Hoops
All practices/ games are at Simpsonville Gym
Practice Tuesdays 7:45-8:45pm
Cole Ruttinger
Zach Creque
Joseph Lucas
Aiden Hamade
Chane Evans
Chase Henry
Alex Hayden
Jacob Allen
Berkley Taylor
Mondays 7:45-8:45pm
Josh Downs
Tristen Beach
Cody Sailings
Ethan Garland
Sean Taylor
Steven Taylor
Jacob Wilmoth
Jack Baralt
Benjamin Heger
Practice Mondays 7:45-8:45pm
Wilson Raisor
Jonathon Billings
David Billings
Joshua Hays
Jeremy Hays
Matson Phalen
Bradley Jacoby
Aaron Yonker
Jacob Curry
Practice Wednesdays 8-9pm
Jacob Floyd
Eli Goodaker
Julian Leppert
Dalton Price
Samuel Cole
Daniel Dischinger
Jada Outten

8th-12th grade Hoops
All practices/ games are at Simpsonville Gym
Note: No practice Thursday 11/27/14
Practice Thursdays 8-9pm
John Gross
Jonathon Ernst
Hayden Lefler
Bryan Bianco
Andrew Heger
Jason Anderson
Eugene Vowells
Practice Wednesdays 8-9pm
Chase Likes
Stuart Meredith
James Chance
Jacob Sheets
Jake Coleman
Blake Stewart
Jeron Russell
Practice Thursdays 8-9pm
Tyler Price
JR Lucas
Jonathon Blackburn
Justin Blackburn
BH Harper
Jaden Outten


Youth Cheer

Youth Cheer

Practice Every Thursday 6pm-7pm @ Simpsonville Gym
Note: No practice Thursday 11/27/14
Charlotte Satterfield
Paisley cochran
Khloe Hibbard
Gracie Keene
Brooklyn Muir
Autumn Casey
Sydney Hesse
Chloe Corbitt
Avery Corbitt
Lola Yadon
Camya Davis
Lauryn Humes
Jayda Ellis
Jenna Raburn
Sanara Rodriguez
Kiley Lee
Diana Perez
Rian Whitehouse
Ava Czako
Jadin Chesser
Lindsay Keys
Violet Casey
Mackenzie Reno
Kaitlyn Chance
Rachel Hesse
Samantha Ruiz
Talia Rawlins
Nancy Yonker
Allison Perez
Lucy Woods
Jayden Brake
Anna Leigh Mercke




Experience the fundamental poses (asanas) of Yoga to develop strength, flexibility, balance & Focus. Learn how to breathe better, move with ease & relax fully.

Date(s): Now!

Day(s): Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays

Time(s): 9am-10am

Location: Simpsonville City Offices Community Room 108 Old Veechdale Road

Cost: $10 per class. Just show up. No pre-registration necessary !

Download Yoga Registration Form

Perfect Parties!

Perfect Parties!

Planning and conducting a party or event can be a time consuming and stressful experience.
Let the pro's plan, program and clean-up after your event. We'll take care of everything from invitations to guests, food and desserts, music, entertainment and anything else to make your event the talk of the town.
Party at your place or ours! Choose from conducting your next event at your place or our spacious community center capable of serving up to 300 guests.
Our Services:
Birthday Parties
Standard rentals
Themed Parties
Party Planning & Consultation
Party/ Event management/ programming
Event set-up/ clean-up
DJ Services/ Dance Lighting & Sound
Hiring of talent/ vendors
Our services range from small birthday parties to big events. Call today for a quote.
Hire a DJ!
Enhance your party
We have the latest in DJ equipment, Lighting and sound sure to make your next party a hit!

We are a proud member of the National Alliance for Youth Sports!

Click the link for more information:


We believe in continually finding ways to improve our service delivery. Click on the link below to let your coach know your thoughts and suggestions.

You will need a coach id # which is located on your game schedule directly after your coach's name.

Need help? Call us at 722-8793 or simpsonvillepark@cityofsimpsonvilleky.com



Shelter Rental

Shelter Rental

Have your next picnic, barbeque, family outing or party at our brand new shelter.


Features Include:

* Plenty of tables and seating

* On-site restrooms

* Adjoining playground and open space 

Our shelter is sure to provide the perfect setting for any event.

Cost: $50/ 3 hours or $100/day

Call us at 502-722-8793 or email simpsonvillepark@cityofsimpsonvilleky.com to reserve your date today.

Click the link below to download a shelter reservation form.

Download Shelter reservation form

Facility Rental/ Parties

Facility Rental/ Parties

Rent our newly renovated gymnasium for your next practice, birthday party or get together. 



Gym Rental Features Include:

Plenty of tables and chairs plus, bleacher seating!

Climate controlled!

Spacious gym with full and newly renovated kitchen!

Performance stage. Perfect for DJ's and other performances!

Athletic Field Rentals:

Rent a soccer, baseball or multi-purpose field for your next practice or tournament.

Call 722-8793 for more detaills.

Our qualified and well-trained staff are available to help you with all of your recreational needs.


Office Manager: Denise Miller (502) 722-8793               simpsonvillepark@cityofsimpsonvilleky.com 

Facility/Program Coord: Kennon Cull (502) 722-8793                  simpsonvillepark@cityofsimpsonvilleky.com

Facility/ Program Specialist: Jamal Outten (502) 722-8793    simpsonvillepark@cityofsimpsonvilleky.com

Sports & Rec Specialist: Garry Jones (502) 722-8793    simpsonvillepark@cityofsimpsonvilleky.com

Recreation Specialist: Gabe Rushing (502) 722-8793           simpsonvillepark@cityofsimpsonvilleky.com

Download .

Friends of the Parks

Friends of the Parks

The following individuals/ businesses contribute greatly to ensure that parks and recreation services thrive in our community:

To join this list of great folks contact us at:

 simpsonvillepark@cityofsimpsonvilleky.com or (502) 722-8793

Braces,Braces,Braces, Brown Jordan, Cub Bank, Derrick Engineering, Dairy Queen of Shelbyville, William H.  Brammell, James Hite Hays,  JT's Pizza,  Kentucky Spiral Hams, King Brook Commerce Park, Mortenson Family Dental, Michael Riggs, Pediatric Dentistry of Shelbyville, Rolling Ridge HOA, Judge Rob Rothenburger, Shelby County Chiropractic, Shelby County Community Theatre, Shelby Energy co-op, Shelby Horse Supply, Walnut Grove Nursery, Wise Cleaning