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Welcome……to the Simpsonville Department of Parks & Recreation!

Simpsonville Parks and Recreation has a variety of activities and events. Please browse our page(s) to see if there is something that interests you.

You can find sports schedules, special events information, along with general information on all available opportunities.
If you do not find what you want, please contact the Park office either by phone at 502-722-8793 or email us at: chris@cityofsimpsonvilleky.com  
Check our website often for dates, times and schedules of current and upcoming events and happenings.
We continually strive to increase the Playability of our community! Please visit one of our parks, local play spots or register for one of our many programs and services to enjoy all that Simpsonville, Kentucky has to offer.
Parks and Recreation Director

Click the Following Links to Review Parks and Recreation Calendars, Guidelines and other Information:
 Facility Rentals 
Join Now!

Tee Ball

Tee Ball

Summer Tee Ball at its finest! A great starter sport for young players!

Leagues consist of weekly practices and games. Full uniform provided.



Dates: 5/15/17-6/30/17

Location: Simpsonville Park

Fee: $68

Register by: 5/12/17

Download Tee Ball registration form

Coach Pitch Baseball

Coach Pitch Baseball

Coach Pitch baseball! A league that focuses on the FUNdamentals of the game. Great summer time fun!

Leagues consist of weekly practices and games. Full uniform provided.


1st-3rd grades

Dates: 5/15/17-6/30/17

Location: Simpsonville Park

Fee: $68

Register by: 5/12/17

Download Coach Pitch registration form

Summer Hoops League

Summer Hoops League

3 on 3 Summer Hoops with a 6 game season!

Dates: 6/26/17-7/30/17

Fee: $50

Register by: 6/16/17



1st & 2nd grade

3rd & 4th grade

5th-7th grades

Download a registration form below.

Download 3 on 3 registration form

Spring Soccer

Spring Soccer



Coach Dukes Blizzard


Shannon Hurricanes


Carter Cyclones


Andrews Tornadoes


Wilmoth Storm


Outten Lightning


Walker Earthquake








June Marchal

Logan Shannon

Paisley Carter

Ethan Andrews

Gage Lyons

Adelaide Field

Nash Walker

Holden Smith

Yasmin Albidieri

Coltan Hammer

Max Glassner

Eevie Hardesty

Kiley Cissell

Ron Harris

Hadley Thornburgh

Hannah Rose

Collin Hammer

Elly Glassner

Emelia Oakley

Ian Wyatt

Abraham Clay

Christian Hunter

Jaxson Tharp

Sophie Fussenegger

Addison Henderson

Ada Rose Oakley

Jose Daniel Lopez

Simon Clay

Bryce Hunter

Tobias Garcia

Mason Lay

Adalinn Garrett

Reed Fitzgerald

Levi Wilson

Gracie Keene

Natalie Sebastian

Damian Garcia

Ashton Lay

Prestley Idleman

Isaiah Hudson

Everett Royce

Ellen Plottner

Reagan Sebastian

Sydney Eaton

Blakely Barrows

Lyla Turoso

Lisa Smith

Jayden Smith

Maiya Payton

Owen Sensabaugh

Abby Eaton

Carter Puckett

JJ Fairbourn

Parker Miller

Maggie Strange

Malik Cummings

Carter Cheatham

Tobey May

McKinley Puckett

Kinsey Ash

Cora Evans

Lauren Strange

Jayden Cummings

Kevin Mayorquin

Asa Cooper

Rebecca Huffaker

Sara Blackburn



Elijah Mabrey








Pre Season Pre-K-K Practice schedule for next week only

Blizzard Tuesday 3/28 6pm-630pm, Friday 3/31 6pm-630pm

Hurricanes  Wednesday 3/29 6pm-630pm, Thursday 3/30 6pm-630pm

Lightning  Wednesday 3/29 6pm-630pm, Thursday 3/30 6pm-630pm

Earthquakes Wednesday 3/29 6pm-630pm, Thursday 3/30 6pm-630pm

Cyclones  Wednesday 3/29 6pm-630pm, Thursday 3/30 6pm-630pm

Tornadoes  Wednesday 3/29 630pm-7pm, Thursday 3/30 630pm-7pm

Storm  Wednesday 3/29 630pm-7pm, Thursday 3/30 630pm-7pm

1st/ 2nd grade


Wilmoth Hawks

Ernst  Sharks

Shannon Lions



Andrews Dolphins

Farmer/Barnett Bobcats











Wednesday 6-7







Scarlett Wilmoth

Natalie Ernst

Brandon Shannon

Clifton Marchal

Owen Andrews

Liliana Turoso

Adalaine Harris

Lucy Thurman

Elijah Eaton

Chase Howard

Trey Shawhan

Aubree Farmer

Prestley Tindle

Caleb Lipps

Keaton Craddock

Reece Delaney

Levi Wyatt

Liam Royse

Braylon Robertson

Connor Joy

Giancarlo Garcia

Stone Lowry

Davis Evans

Liam Moore

Brooke Cooper

Sydney Hesse

Thomas Pannell

Rebecca Raisor

Noah Hardesty

Tristan Payne

Ethan Aldridge

Cooper Smither

Selena Valentine

Stella Emmons

Donnie Wright

Jayden Ellis

Caroline Hardin

Maleah Bowen

Mason Plottner

Dylan Villa

Riley Sawyers

Coltan Sheppard

Bailey Capps

Mack Jones

Tanner May

Levi Snyder

Lorne Sawyers

Trev Clare

Logan Cissell

Cole Keiper

Keiland Morales

Zachary Lundin

Nolan Brangers

Abigail Sebastian

Faith Nelson


Angelina Alonzo

Anna Mari Grigsby




3rd/ 4th grade


Coach Sullivan


Coach Outten


Coach Laubach/Jebsen



Monday 6-7


Tuesday 6-7


Monday 6-7

Luke Dandurand

Nathan Janes

Owen Laubach

Nicholas Dandurand

Elijah Benders

Lincoln Laubach

Julia Dandurand

Asher Thornburgh

Isaac Jebsen

Rian Whitehouse

Bailey Ethington

Emma Garner

Rowan Whitehouse

Mabelynn Farmer

BJ Flores

Adam Taylor

Ayden Williams

Jagger Sutter

Maggie Taylor

Mason Wynn

Kevin Bermudez

Evan Tenney

Justin Wingenroth

Adrian Mata

Terrance Wentworth

Caden Wingenroth

Luis Garcia

Carolina Juarez

Jadyn Mayorquin

Allison Price

Lydia Turoso

Daniel Zarco Sosa

Donovan Crane

Celena Evans

Cynthia Ruiz

Noah Peppenger


5th-7th Grade


Coach Wilmoth

United FC

Coach Kasten

Red Bulls

Coach Laubach

Crew SC

Coach Moskovich



Tuesday 7-8


Monday 7-8


Monday 7-8


Tuesday 7-8

Jacob Wilmoth

Florian Kasten

Tucker Laubach

Ryan Lowe

Michael Wilmoth

Keaunna Cox

Ethan Shawhan

Isaac Moskovich

Lauren Janes

Breauna Sharp

Mary Shawhan

Samuel Moskovich

Sadie Martens

Nolan Day

Keenan Brangers

Tyler Case

Isabella Thornburgh

Gage Irish

Trent Rose

Anderson Morales

Julianne Hardin

Zach Zimmerman

Berenice Garcia

Marayah Mayorquin

Jacob Smith

Luis Sarabia

Ashtin Puckett

Carolina Zarco Sosa

Jackson Hunter

Rachel Hesse

Joshua Poplin

Samantha ruiz

Rodrigo Hernandez

Marlene Greenhill

Camden Shoemaker

Parker Joy

Ashlyn Wait

Jessy Greenhill




2nd Season Hoops

2nd Season Hoops

2nd season game schedule




















Fri 3/24


Pre-K-K (Thunder)


Pre-K-K (Bulls)

Fri 3/24


5th-7th (Timberwolves)


5th-7th (Cavaliers)






Sat 3/25


Pre-K-K (Thunder)


Pre-K-K (Heat)

Sat 3/25


1st/ 2nd   (Warriors)


1st/ 2nd (Bobcats)

Sat 3/25


1st/ 2nd (Pistons)


1st/ 2nd (Bucks)

Sat 3/25


3rd-4th (Suns)


3rd-4th (Clippers)

Sat 3/25


5th-7th (Timberwolves)


5th-7th (Cavaliers)






Thurs 3/30


Pre-K-K (Bulls)


Pre-K-K (Heat)






Fri 3/31


Pre-K-K (Bulls)


Pre-K-K (Thunder)







Coming Soon!

Coming Soon!

Simpsonville's "The BOOM" will be held on Tuesday, 7/4/17.

The event agenda will be posted closer to the event date.

Vendor booth registration forms are available now. Download a registration form below to be a part of this event.

Download Booth registration form

Get your booth spot today!

Get your booth spot today!

Display a vendor's booth or information tent about your organization at Simpsonville's The BOOM!

A great way to meet new people and market your business!

Simply click the icon below and return your form.

Download Vendor and information booth form

Sponsor at The BOOM

Sponsor at The BOOM

There are many ways you can sponsor "The BOOM".

Choose from large sponsorships all the way down to smaller ones like purchasing an actual rocket that will soar through the sky and burst into a colorful display.

Download the sponsorship form below to choose the best sponsorship for you!

Download The BOOM Sponsorship form

Fall Festival Vendor Booths accepted now!

Fall Festival Vendor Booths accepted now!

The Simpsonville Fall Festival will be held on Saturday, 9/9/17.

The Festival Agenda will be posted closer to festival date.

Vendor Booths are now being accepted! Please download a vendor booth form below to be a part of this years event.

Download Booth vendor form

Join our Parade!

Join our Parade!

Click the icon below to download a printable Simpsonville Fall Festival Parade entry form.

All entries are free!

Forms can be mailed to:

Simpsonville Parks & Recreation

PO Box 557

Simpsonville, KY 40067

Scan and email to: simpsonvillepark@cityofsimpsonvilleky.com


Fax to: 502-722-8119

Download Free Parade entry form

Facility Rental/ Parties

Facility Rental/ Parties

Gym Rental Features Include:

Plenty of tables and chairs plus, bleacher seating!

Climate controlled!

Spacious gym with full and newly renovated kitchen!

Performance stage. Perfect for DJ's and other performances!

Athletic Field Rentals:

Rent a soccer, baseball or multi-purpose field for your next practice or tournament.

Call 722-8793 for more detaills.

Perfect Parties!

Perfect Parties!

Planning and conducting a party or event can be a time consuming and stressful experience.
Let the pro's plan, program and clean-up after your event. We'll take care of everything from invitations to guests, food and desserts, music, entertainment and anything else to make your event the talk of the town.
Party at your place or ours! Choose from conducting your next event at your place or our spacious community center capable of serving up to 300 guests.
Our Services:
Birthday Parties
Standard rentals
Themed Parties
Party Planning & Consultation
Party/ Event management/ programming
Event set-up/ clean-up
DJ Services/ Dance Lighting & Sound
Hiring of talent/ vendors
Our services range from small birthday parties to big events. Call today for a quote.
Hire a DJ!
Enhance your party
We have the latest in DJ equipment, Lighting and sound sure to make your next party a hit!




For more information about Golf in Simpsonville, Kentucky please call 502-852-8542

Course is located at 401 Champions Way, Simpsonville, KY 40067



Local Parks & Play spots

Local Parks & Play spots

Simpsonville Park: 108 Old Veechdale Road

Wiche Park: 7026 Shelbyville Road

Bobcat Playground 6725 Shelbyville Road

Simpsonville Baptist Playground 7208 Shelbyville road

Shelter Rental

Shelter Rental

Have your next picnic, barbeque, family outing or party in a shelter with adjoining restrooms, elegant Gazeebo or a general party room.


Features Include:

* Plenty of tables and seating

* On-site restrooms

* Adjoining playground and open space 

Our shelter is sure to provide the perfect setting for any event.

Cost: $50/ 3 hours or $100/day

Call us at 502-722-8793 or email simpsonvillepark@cityofsimpsonvilleky.com to reserve your date today.

Click the link below to download a shelter reservation form.

Download Shelter reservation form

We are #2

We are #2

Because our residents are #1!

Playful City USA provides qualified and well-trained staff to help you with all of your recreational needs.

Come see why we love Simpsonville and go to great lengths to provide the best possible programs and services for you.

Administrator: Chris Truelock (502) 722-8793 simpsonvillepark@cityofsimpsonvilleky.com

Manager: Denise Miller (502) 722-8793 simpsonvillepark@cityofsimpsonvilleky.com 

Facility/Program Coord: Eric Barnett  (502) 722-8793 simpsonvillepark@cityofsimpsonvilleky.com

Facility/ Program Specialist: Jamal Outten (502) 722-8793    simpsonvillepark@cityofsimpsonvilleky.com

Sports & Rec Specialist: Eric Ford (502) 722-8793    simpsonvillepark@cityofsimpsonvilleky.com

Recreation Specialist: TaMecka Outten (502) 722-8793           simpsonvillepark@cityofsimpsonvilleky.com

Community Engagement Specialist: Bethany Perkins (502)722-8792 Simpsonvillepark@cityofsimpsonvilleky.com

Download .

Playful City USA

Playful City USA

Awarded Playful City USA Community! We are proud of our city's efforts to increase playability and foster family-friendly environments that promote play everywhere. #playability

Friends of the Parks

Friends of the Parks

The following individuals/ businesses contribute greatly to ensure that parks and recreation services thrive in our community:

To join this list of great folks contact us at:

 simpsonvillepark@cityofsimpsonvilleky.com or (502) 722-8793

AnyTime Fitness, Atmos Energy, L. Ballard & Company, Bekaert Corporation, Braces,Braces,Braces, Brown Jordan, Cambria, Classic Printing, Cornerstone Christian Academy, Cub Bank, Culvers, Derrick Engineering, Edward's Moving & Rigging, Dairy Queen of Shelbyville, Goldwater Bank, William H.  Brammell, James Hite Hays,  JT's Pizza,  Kentucky Farm Bureau (Ferenc Vegh Jr.), Kentucky Spiral Hams, King Brook Commerce Park, KU/ LG&E, Midwest Metals, Mortenson Family Dental, Michael Riggs, Obrien Ford, Outlet Shoppes of the Bluegrass, Papa Johns, Pediatric Dentistry of Shelbyville, Republic State Mortgage, Rolling Ridge HOA, Judge Rob Rothenburger, Ryerson (Joseph T. Ryerson & Son)Shelby Broadband, Shelby County Chiropractic, Shelby County Community Theatre, Shelby County Life, Shelby Energy Cooperative, Shelby Horse Supply, Subway, Visit ShelbyKY, Walnut Grove Nursery, Wise Cleaning, WT's Electric City


We believe in continually finding ways to improve our service delivery. Click on the link below to let your coach know your thoughts and suggestions.

You will need a coach id # which is located on your game schedule directly after your coach's name.

Need help? Call us at 722-8793 or simpsonvillepark@cityofsimpsonvilleky.com



We are a proud member of the National Alliance for Youth Sports!

Click the link for more information: